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Ephrem's Bottle Cutter Kit

Environmentally Smart!
With the Ephrem's Bottle Cuter Kit you can Start Recycling on your own!

Ephrem's bottle cutting kit

Perfect cut almost every time.

Kit Includes:
Bottle Cutter
1 Strip of Coarse Polishing Paper
Small container of carbide polishing powder
Easy Instructions
Ideas of what to make
Ephrems bottle cutter kit
This is an email from a very happy customer.
To Whom It May Concern,
I received my bottle cutter in the mail yesterday (super fast). I have already made 3 cool things!  It was so easy.
Thanks a million, I love it!


Item #EBC ....... Price: $44.95

View Instruction Booklet in PDF

Easy to use, Solid Steel Frame is Built to last forever.
Don't be fooled into buying any other bottle cutter. This is the real deal. Other bottle cutters are a stand-up type bottle cutter and is  made totally out of plastic that will flex and never give you a perfect score. It just doesn't work as good as the Ephrem's Bottle Cutter. The 'OTHER' bottle cutter requires you to tap the score line from inside the bottle and hope it breaks correctly. This very rarely happens. Don't waste your hard earned dollars on a tool you won't be happy with. 
We are not trying to sling mud here. Just trying to save you from investing in something that will not give you the results you are looking for.

Last year we sold well over 600 of these cutters with TWO returned. 
Nothing beats the Ephrem's Bottle Cutter Kit.

Takes standard replacement turret cutting heads. With proper cutter head care you should be able to cut dozens of bottles with each of the three wheels. Smooth rollers ensure a clean score on your bottle. Simply adjust the size of cut you want. Lay your bottle down on the bottle cutter. Rotate your bottle on the bottle cutter. Heat the score line with the included candle. Cool the heated cut line with an ice cube. This causes the bottle to separate at the cut line and then you polish with the included polishing compound.

We also have a Neck Adapter you can purchase by using our search page here: Ephrem's Bottle Cutter Neck Adapter

Use a little cutting oil or WD-40 on the cutter head prior to each cut.
Never go over your cut. Rotate the bottle from the start of you cut all the way around the bottle but NOT into your cut.    This tends to dull the cutter head prematurely.

Additional sanding paper can be found in most hardware stores and is usually called Wet or Dry Sand Paper or Carbide Sand Paper and is sold in 12" x 12" sheets.

Remember to always wear safety glasses. Always remove the bottle cap before cutting and heating a bottle. Failure to do so may cause the bottle to explode during heating.

Make glasses or vases, goblets, bowls, butter & dip dishes, candle holders and hurricane lamps. Add dimension to your work using curved glass in you designs.

View Instruction Sheet in PDF
Here is a link to a YouTube video of the Ephrem's Bottle Cutter in action
Works best on beer and wine bottles like the one shown in the picture below.
You will need to clamp this unit to a table to cut larger round jugs.

Replacement 3 Wheel Cutting Head
Item #3WT ........ Price $8.95

Ephrems bottle cutter kit
View Instruction Sheet in PDF
All Purpose Adhesive - Glass Glue We also sell E6000 - All purpose industrial strength adhesive for bonding glass to glass, glass to metal, etc. Remains flexible. Tack dry in 5 to 10 minutes. Dries clear in 24 hours. 3.7 oz. tube.

E6000 All Purpose Adhesive
Item #E6000 ........ Price $6.95


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